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About SOS Aligner


MaxCare SOS Orthodontic Method from Taiwan (patented by Dr. Tseng, Chen-Wen in 2012) uses digital analysis to personalize each treatment to analyze the patient’s aesthetic line. SOS uses digital tooth moving programs to print and fabricate multiple stages of 3D models and invisible aligners.

SOS Invisible Braces is the most stream lined and simplified orthodontic method among the many that are currently available in the market. In most cases, it only requires aligner modification once every two months and a new dental impression every three months. Other methods can only manage 0.3mm movement per print, but SOS can achieve, with the help of specialized patent pliers, up to 0.9mm per print. Thus, it can reduce a significant amount of prints that is required to complete a case with more control and precision.

Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment, SOS not only use teeth but also take advantage of the hard palate and soft tissue as anchorage to maximize teeth movement.


SOS Treatment Process

During the orthodontic treatment, the teeth will move and the alveolar bone will be modified. To achieve the best possible outcome and care from the treatment, the patient will need to regularly return to the clinic to update his or her dental models every three months. The new model will then be used to fabricate the next set of aligners.

Early Phase

Similar to the traditional orthodontic methods, basic information such as facial photographs, intra-oral pictures, dental impressions, and X-rays must be collected before the dentist plans out the treatment. Dental model impression will then be sent to special technicians, and after approximately two weeks’ time, the patient will receive the first personalized aligner.

Mid Phase

Every stage will take about 3 months. At each stage the patient will acquire 4 aligners with progressive increased thicknesses. And each aligner will be worn for approximately 2 weeks. We suggest the patient return every two weeks for a progress check up by the dentist to determine if he or she is ready for the next thicker aligner. Every stage the treatment will take approximately 3 month. After each stage the patient will take a new impression for the next one. The Dentist will use the new model to adjust the treatment and produce the next set of aligners. This repetitive and customized progression is designed to maximize the efficiency and precision.

Late Phase

Similar to the traditional orthodontic methods, after SOS treatment, the patients are required to wear retainers.

SOS Specialized Pliers


On the 9th -10th week of each stage, the patient will be wearing the thickest aligner #0. At this time, the dentist apply specialized pliers to add force points to move tooth further or to amplify torque on the tooth, minimizing tipping while moving the tooth to desired position. During this visit, the dentist will take impression again and send the new dental model to the specialized technician to produce the next four aligners for the next stage. On week 11 -12, the patient will continue to wear aligner #0.




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