SOS Invisible Braces




SOS aligner flexibilities are divided into the following types:

Soft(0.5mm)#5, Medium Soft (0.65)#6, Medium (0.8mm)#8, Hard (1.0mm)#0

Four different thicknesses are worn in rotation.

  1. Frist two weeks patient wears the softest #5 aligner to adapt and slowly move teeth into predicted position.
  2. Week 4 patient wears medium soft #6 aligner to let the teeth gradually move into predicted position.
  3. Week 6 patient wears medium thick#8 aligner to further push teeth into predicted position.
  4. Week 8 patient wears the thickest #0 aligner to another step closer to the desired position
  5. Week 9-10 patient will continue to wear #0 aligner, but the dentist will add force points on certain positions, amplifying needed movement and to torque and minimize tipping, to achieve the best possible outcome for each stage. During this week, the patient will also take a new impression to prepare for the next stage of treatment. Week 11- 12, patient will continue to wear #0 aligner.

On the 10th week of each stage rotation, the patient will take a new impression to produce the next four aligners in the next stage.



  1. Aligner must be worn 14-15 hours a day. Patient may take off the aligner when eating or on special occasions.
  2. Wearing aligner during sleep may further improve the effectiveness of the treatment
  3. Please carefully place the aligner in a container when taken off. Because of its transparent appearance, it may often be dispose as trash when place in/on tissue.
  4. After each meal please brush teeth and rinse aligner before wearing again.
  5. You may consume beverage such as juice or wine while wearing the aligner, but please note that aligner can change color if do so.
  6. After taking off the aligner, please wash with clean cold water. Exposure to hot water may warp the structure of the aligner.
  7. Please brush the aligner before sleep with tooth paste to maintain its cleanliness.


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