SOS Frequently Asked Questions


What are the options for invisible braces in the market right now ?
Currently there are two main types: One Time Impression and Progressive Step Impression.
What is the difference between One Time and Progressive Steps Impression ?
What is the best orthodontic treatment with invisible braces ?
What is the best orthodontic treatment with invisible braces ?
What type of aligner treatment does SOS use ?
What type of material does SOS use ?
What should I do if I have caries (cavities) or prosthetic works during aligner treatment ?
What is special about SOS aligner treatment ?
After deciding to use SOS aligner treatment, how long do I need to wait before the treatment starts ?
What is the cost difference between traditional braces and SOS Invisible Braces ?
Would SOS treatment be faster than traditional braces ?
How do I use SOS aligner ?
What are the upkeeps for SOS aligner ?
What Should I do if the aligner is damaged or lost ?
How frequent must I visit the clinic? And how much time does it take for each visit ?
What should I do if I need to travel in the middle of SOS treatment ?
After SOS treatment, would I wear traditional braces ?
Are retainers necessary after SOS treatment ?
How do start SOS treatment ?
What preparation should I take before SOS treatment ?

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