New Choice for Invisible Braces

Personalize Your Own Treatment Plan!

Reduce Treatment Time

Customized technology with digital tooth movement will achieve the best results at every stage.

Reduce Working Hour

Progressive treatment and stage payments. Reduce clinic visits and risk of caries and gum diseases.

Increase Precision

Using 4 progressively thicker aligners and the assist of specialized SOS pliers, teeth can be moved at greater distance with higher precision.

Professional Support

Dr. Tseng Chen-Wen, with over 30 years of practice in Orthodontic Dentistry, will support you with professional care through the process of your treatment.

SOS MaxCare Invisible Braces Special Features

Invisible braces are more and more widely used today. Most clinics adopt the "One Time Impression" method to produce their aligner. However, this method cannot detect a number of hidden factors that are crucial to orthodontic treatment, such as root number, shape, surrounding , crown exposure value and more. One Time Impression orthodontic method is not optimal or effective after mid phase of orthodontic treatment.
SOS Maxcare Invisible Braces uses the "Progressive Steps Impression" method, which takes a new impression at the end of each treatment stage to update patient new oral progress. With periodic update of oral information, the doctor carefully plans out the next tooth movement strategies for the next stage. Using the newest 3D technology to move teeth positions and modify shapes, SOS pioneered the idea of creating pace/emptiness?in the aligner, with the aid of specialized SOS pliers, to achieve the best result with each set of aligners. Because more distance can be achieve with each SOS aligner, this method significantly reduces the number of steps, and aligners printed compared to other invisible braces options on the market. The process throughout the entire treatment is in control by the doctor with the assist of 3D programs, thus SOS will ensure the best quality of orthodontic treatment experience and the most beautiful smile.

Only doctors who passed the SOS MaxCare Invisible Braces class may use this method in practice.

Some more complex cases may need to use fixed appliance (traditional braces) in the end phase of treatment.

Principle of SOS MaxCare Invisible Braces

The complexity of each orthodontic case is different. Thus the number of stages and treatment time is different from patient to patient. After the preparation for the treatment is done, the first stage of of SOS treatment may begin. First, like the beginning of every stage, the doctor will produce a new dental model, model A, made from the latest dental impression. Then the model A is scanned into a 3D program, where all teeth position movements are done, to produce dental, model model A1. Then specific teeth shapes will be modified to create space for more teeth movement in the aligner to produce dental model, model A2. From model A2, a set of four aligners with progressive thickness is produced and worn in this order: #5, #6, #8, #0. Every aligner is worn for two weeks until the last aligner #0; after wearing #0 for two weeks, visit the clinic and the doctor will activate the #0 aligner with specialized SOS pliers, which the patient will wear for another two weeks. The doctor will then activate the #0 aligner the second time for another two weeks of wear. This marks the end of a treatment stage. Patient will move on the stage B where the process is repeated again with a new set of aligners.

SOS Maxcare Invisible Braces is Recognized and Used by Major Dental Practices


Through clinical test, research and the use in major dental clinics, SOS Maxcare Invisible Braces treatment is a proven effective method for orthodontic practice. SOS Maxcare treatment has extended its service to Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China and other countries in South East Asia and Europe. Patents for SOS tools are approved by the paces of practice.


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